Okay already!

Okay Ross, Barrie, and Louise. I’m starting a damn blog. Because you know what the world needs mor than another mom writing a novel? Another damn blog. I had refused to start one because I couldn’t figure out who on earth would read it, but now that Barrie and Louise have solemnly sworn to read and love any blog I write (well, I guess they didn’t mention love . . . details . . .), you all are stuck with me. That’ll learn ya!


Woohoo! My Coolway™ is here! But with an ominous warning . . .


Okay, first thing’s first: How psyched am I that I managed to insert the trademark thingy after the Coolway brand name? Way too psyched, quite frankly. Speaking of psyched, I am so flipping excited that my Coolway (The Low Heat Revolution™) Starter Kit is here! What is Coolway? So glad you asked. Coolway is a flatiron that, when combined with Coolway Transform Spray™, claims not only to give you “shiny, soft, and amazing hair,” but also to strengthen and repair your hair. That’s right, my friends, a flatiron that’s actually good for your hair. No, seriously. The website said so. And the company used real live scientists to conduct studies! Allure Magazine even named Coolway one of 2012’s Beauty Breakthroughs? Okay, shut up and let a girl dream. I spend possibly 20% of my life cutting split ends out of my hair. I’m tired of the chemicals in keratin treatments, and I am not leaving my house with a dang Superman curl front and center on my forehead. To find more information on how Coolway works, either hop onto Coolway’s site, www.coolwayhair.com or read Allure’s review by clicking here: http://www.allure.com/beauty-products/best-of-beauty/2012/best-of-beauty-big-breakthroughs?slide=9#slide=9.

Now onto the warning. I was reading the instruction manual, like the geek that I am, when I happened upon the following directive in the Important Safety Instructions’ warnings section: “Never use while sleeping.” Seriously? CRAP!!! Crap, crap, crap. There go all my damn plans to be more productive. I mean, I could have woken up in the morning with perfect hair but noooooooo. Thanks to those grinches at Coolway I’ll now have to waste precious awake time flipping flatironing my hair. I am seriously pissed. Maybe the time I’ll save from not having to cut out split ends will make up for this serious inconvenience, but still. Totally thoughtless.

I’ll update you on whether Coolway is worth dumping my multi-tasking plans after I have used it for a few weeks. Word.